Check out this video we made to explain how it works!

What do I need to do to set up for the event?

All you need to do is complete the vendor form with all the info needed, and then show up to the event 5 mins before. We have an optional dress rehearsal for vendors planned on Feb 6th – you can see what the process is like, how your shop looks and if you want to update or change anything. (Sign up on the form and we will let you know more about this.)

Do I have to have my own online shop to participate?

No! Having your own online shop will streamline your sales….but if you use etsy or get your clients on instagram, you can use that to send your customers too – from within your hopin shop.

Can I talk to my customers face to face?

Yes, you can! Basically we create a mini website for you, that has a zoom window inserted into it so you can demonstrate your products and talk to people. YOu could also do a demo for up to 10 people if you would like to.

Do I have to have a proper video? What if I cant get this done?

No problem! You, or someone you know can create a presentation in google slides, showcasing your products. Publish this google slide show and share the link with us in your vendor application, and there you go! Sorted!

Does Bring on the Sunshine take a fee of my sales?

No! Your vendor fee covers access to our platform, our networks and our promotions. All you sales belong to you. You are also fully responsible to get items to customers, Bring on the sunshine has no responsibility in this. 

Do I have to stay at my booth the whole time?

No! You can choose to be live at any time OR if you are zoomed out you can choose presentation mode. This will close your booth, and will show your video or slideshow instead. You can still talk to customers in the booth chat alongside your store. 

Why should I participate during a pandemic? Will there even be sales?

Our in person event typically draws between 3000  and 5000 people each year. That means LOTS of people know about our event. Our youth team is working hard on promoting the event online and you know what else? Your clients are at home right now! Where else will they go? You can invite them to a unique online experience that profiles you and your products at an amazing local event. Its kind of like an online event party you can invite them to, without the dishes afterwards!

Trouble with my video?

If you have trouble connecting your camera, please test video in the zoom browser version. Allowing zoom video in the web browser allows the video on this platform too. 

If you need to talk to someone in person on the day of the event, pop into our “Information Booth” in the Expo/market place. You can also email for more.