Celebrating Africa, Culture, Community, and Family

At Bring on the Sunshine, we honour African heritage and culture through vibrant festivals, educational programs, youth leadership initiatives, and community events. Join us in celebrating diversity, fostering connections, and empowering our community to thrive together.

About us

Helping the Kitchener-Waterloo region since 2010

Founded in 2010, Bring On The Sunshine (BOTS) was born from a grassroots movement to combat anti-Black racism and uplift African, Black, and Caribbean communities in Canada. Our focus on youth and immigrants in the Waterloo region underscores our commitment to fostering unity and support.

At BOTS, we're dedicated to nurturing leaders and fostering inclusive communities rooted in mutual respect. Through our innovative programs, we illuminate the rich contributions of Black individuals to global history, empowering youth to embrace their identity and heritage with pride and purpose.

Empowering Youth Through Arts Engagement
Reshaping Perceptions, Promoting Diversity
Cultivating Unity, Fostering Collaboration
Our Vision

What are we doing to assist these communities?

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Interactive workshops and programs promoting cultural awareness, diversity, and anti-racism education.

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Community Festival

Annual event celebrating African heritage with music, food, art, dance, and workshops.

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Africa Camp

Cultural enrichment camp for children, offering activities that foster pride and community.

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Youth Leadership

Program for young leaders to develop skills in collaboration, project management, and community engagement.

Join us and let’s make a better world, today