Annual Community Festival

Since 2010, Bring on the Sunshine (BOTS) has celebrated African heritage  and culture with its Annual Family Day African Festival. Held during  Black History Month, this event showcases the rich diversity of over 50  African countries through music, food, art, dance, workshops, and more.

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Black Renaissance
Sunday, February 18th, 2024
Rotunda, Kitchener City Hall.

Enjoy culinary offerings, artisanal crafts, live performances, engaging workshops, and kids' activities. This celebration unites communities and honors African cultures.

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We seek partners who share our commitment to community empowerment and cultural enrichment. Explore our sponsorship tiers and contribute to the success of this remarkable event.


Past Festivals

2023: "Rest is Resistance"
  • Highlights: Fashion show, drum circle, various performances, and community activities at Kitchener City Hall.
  • Impact: Enhanced community spirit and cultural awareness.
  • Format: Week-long event broadcast live on YouTube.
  • Features: Cultural showcases, educational segments, music, and dance performances.
  • Audience Engagement: High online participation and positive feedback.
  • Format: Fully virtual event.
  • Access: Available to watch on YouTube.
  • Coverage: Featured in Kitchener City News.
  • Event: Vibrant in-person festival with a wide range of activities.

What are others saying?

Bring on the Sunshine is a grassroots event our community is proud of,  highlighting the best of who we are and inviting everyone to celebrate.

Jackie H.

It's amazing to see people of every nation rejoice in an African way,  with performances, music, traditional attires, food, and activities for  all ages.

Luiza D.