Summer Camp - Africa Camp

Africa Camp is dedicated to nurturing cultural identity and leadership  in children of African descent. Our program blends fun and education to  create a memorable and enriching experience for every camper.

Origins of Africa Camp

How did Africa Camp start?

Africa Camp began in 2010 with a humble start of just 12 campers. Founded by the Bring on the Sunshine (BOTS) community, the camp was created to address the need for cultural education and community building among children of African heritage. Over the years, the camp has grown significantly, now welcoming over 60 children annually. This growth is a testament to the camp's impact and the strong community support that continues to drive its mission forward.


Why Africa Camp ?

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Cultural Enrichment

Children immerse in their heritage through music, dance, and storytelling.

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Leadership Development

The Young Leaders Program empowers teens with essential skills.

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Community Building

Fosters a sense of pride and belonging among participants of all ages.


What activities happen at the Camp?

For Ages 6-12

Art and Crafts

Engage in African-themed creative projects.

Music and Dance

Engage in African-themed creative projects.


Experience traditional tales and wisdom circles.


Participate in soccer and other engaging activities.

For Ages 13-18

Youth Away Day

Enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and archery, with a focus on mental health.

Leadership Roles

Opportunities for teens to mentor younger campers.


Benefits of Attending

Africa Camp offers a unique blend of cultural education and personal development. Campers gain a deeper understanding of their heritage, develop leadership skills, and build lasting friendships. Our diverse activities ensure that every child finds something they love, while the supportive environment helps them grow in confidence and self-esteem.

"My child has a deeper understanding and appreciation of their heritage."

Africa Camp Mom

How do we impact the community?

Africa Camp's growth and success demonstrate its positive impact on campers' cultural identity and leadership skills.

Expanded from 12 campers in 2010 to over 60.
Over 30% of former campers now serve as leaders.
95% of parents report increased cultural pride in their children.
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