Youth Leadership Program

The BOTS Youth Leadership Program is dedicated to developing young  leaders of color in the Waterloo Region. Through community support and  mentorship, participants gain valuable skills and experience to thrive  in their personal and professional lives.


Developing New Leaders in Kitchener-Waterloo region

The BOTS Youth Leadership Program, creating leadership development opportunities for young people of colour who are supported and mentored by their community. Youth will learn how to host a large event, develop their soft skills and create community networks that will support them as they move forward.  You also experience welcome and belonging in the Waterloo Region community that affirms and celebrates your  own unique identity.

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Program Overview

What is the program?

Are you a youth eager to become a community leader? Join our dynamic team to learn collaboration, project management, teamwork, networking, and more. Ideal candidates are aged 16-29, live in Waterloo Region, and have a passion for Africa and community involvement. Gain on-the-job training, mentorship, and resume-building experience. Open to all ethnic backgrounds.

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Bring on the Sunshine empowers young, diverse, and newcomer youths in the Waterloo Region through leadership opportunities and community engagement.