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Summer Events

Africa Camp

Tailored for Black identifying youth, these camps offer an opportunity to embrace their identity and heritage. The program has evolved into a leadership development initiative, welcoming marginalized youth from diverse backgrounds.

Summer Fun Day

A day of non-stop fun! This vibrant celebration aims to unite our community, offering a variety of activities for all ages. From thrilling games and sports to captivating artistic performances, food, and more!  Summer Fun Day creates an enjoyable space for families and individuals to connect, laugh, make lasting memories, and strengthen the bonds that make our community special.

Winter Events

Annual Family Day Weekend African Festival

A one-day, free event held in February during hosted during Black History Month, at the Rotunda Kitchener City Hall. This immersive cultural experience engages the wider Waterloo region through music, food, art, dance, workshops, and more. Offering a unique platform to showcase the rich diversity of over 50 African countries. By bringing people together, we aim to create a sense of unity, understanding, and shared identity, contributing to the overarching goal of connectedness within the community.

Fall Events

AfroCanvas “Tell me your story”

Storytelling through art.

AfroCanvas is an inclusive platform designed to amplify community voices through artistic expression and cultural exchange. It offers a space for connection, dialogue, learning, and exploration of African art, highlighting its role in storytelling and self-expression.

Led by BOTS, AfroCanvas fosters meaningful dialogue and celebrates African culture within the Black community. Join us to experience art as a powerful tool for dialogue and celebration. Unleash your inner artist and begin your journey of self-expression and connection with BOTS.

Spring Events

Now Now Cafe

Welcome to “Now Now Cafe,” where the Southern African phrase “now now” signifies "soon but not immediately," fostering a unique sense of timing. This space brings together diverse individuals, especially new immigrants and young families in newly established neighborhoods, to build connections and foster a sense of belonging.

Join us in a welcoming environment where you can share a cup of coffee and valuable resources, bridging gaps and creating a community that feels like home. Let's build connections and support each other in this new journey.